From the President...

Dear Harvard Club Members,

After spending a year in the Executive Committee (EC) as Director Lahore Chapter, I am excited and at the same time, humbled to have the opportunity to lead the club for a year. I often say to the EC members that the HCP will be as good and effective as we collectively want to make it. I therefore encourage each one of you to please consider playing some role in our activities. The size of your effort really doesn’t matter, what matters the most is the initiative itself.
In line with HAA’s objectives of building ‘connections that last a lifetime, academic exploration and a commitment to service’, HCP will be undertaking several initiatives in 2015 -2016 to further these objectives in Pakistan.

Key initiatives we are undertaking this year include:
•    Enhancing Harvard’s connectivity with Pakistan through promotion of research interest of faculty members & internship opportunities for students in public and private sectors
•    Alumni networking & engagement

Increasing the interest of Harvard faculty members in research projects in Pakistan will help improve our connectivity with professors at Harvard along with partnering research institutes. It will promote academic exploration by Harvard students and those in collaborating institutions in Pakistan. Placement of students from Harvard in Pakistani institutions for internships will further expand avenues for connectivity as will the exchange of scholars. HCP will take initiatives to engage the alumni community and provide a platform where they can discuss issues of common interest and take collective actions to improve the state of affairs affecting them and the communities they live or work in.

Looking forward to your active participation in HCP activities.

Best Regards,

Kamal M Amjad Mian
President Harvard Club of Pakistan