Dear Harvard Alumni in Pakistan,

Welcome to Harvard Club of Pakistan's Official Website. We are a Harvard University recognized alumni body in Pakistan. Our aim is to create an inclusive and a transparent community of Harvard alumni in Pakistan.

Harvard Club of Pakistan exists to facilitate & encourage the intellectual, philanthropic and social interests of our members, to promote the welfare of Harvard University, to help Harvard outreach to the Pakistani community, notably through college interviewing and scholarship funding, and to foster the Harvard Spirit in all Harvard men and women in Pakistan.




Any fact, view or opinion presented/expressed by anyone relating to, at or during an activity or event or other engagement of the Harvard Club of Pakistan (HCP) is not necessarily that of or in any way shared by HCP unless so expressly stated by HCP officially after being duly authorised by the Executuve Committee of HCP. Nor should the same be attributed to the Harvard University, Harvard Alumni Association or anyone associated with them in any manner.



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