Q. What is Harvard Club of Pakistan (HCP)?

A. Harvard Club of Pakistan is an alumni association for the graduates of Harvard University in Pakistan.

Per our constitution, our purpose is:

"This club is organized and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. In furtherance of such purposes, the club shall:
(1) Foster a spirit of fraternity among graduates, former students, and current students of Harvard University;
(2) Serve in extending knowledge of the aims and achievements of Harvard University to alumni/ae in the region;
(3) Influence outstanding young men and women to apply to Harvard (e.g., interviewing/applicant parties/new admit parties);
(4) Promote the interest of all alumni and alumnae in the academic and extracurricular activities of Harvard;
(5) Communicate area alumni/ae views to the Harvard Alumni Association;
(6) Represent the interests of the University in the region;
(7) Cooperate with the HAA and existing alumni organizations to strengthen the club and encourage the establishment of new clubs;
(8) Promote and encourage communication between Harvard University and its alumni/ae residents in the area;
(9) Arrange visits by Harvard faculty and community to Pakistan.
(10) Arrange visits of prominent faculty and figures from Pakistan to Harvard
(11) Transmit information about continual knowledge harvesting (programs, webcasts, seminars, conferences, research etc) at Harvard to the alumni in Pakistan
(12) Create and sustain open networking platform for the all Harvard alumni in Pakistan (social events, keynotes and online networking)
(13) Work closely with Pakistan based student organizations throughout Harvard University and encourage returning graduates to sign-up as members
(14) Where possible, provide area placement opportunities to alumni (jobs, relocation info etc); and
(15) Provide support to alumni spearheading social and technical problem solving initiatives in Pakistan."


Q. Who are the officers of Harvard Club of Pakistan?

A. Click here to view our current elected officers.


Q. Who can be member of the Harvard Club of Pakistan?

A. Any Harvard alumni can be member of Harvard Club of Pakistan. However, you have to be based in Pakistan.


Q. Who can organize events on behalf of Harvard Club of Pakistan?

A. Only our Executive Committee can organize events. No event can be organized without the approval of the Executive Committee. Any unauthorized use of Harvard Club of Pakistan (HCP) and Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) names is contravention/breach of rules of HCP & HAA, and is strictly prohibited.


Q. Where can I read the constitution of Harvard Club of Pakistan?

A. Click here to download our constitution in pdf format.